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Gerlach Sans - Top of the line font family

Gerlach Sans - Top of the line font family

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As the foundry’s top–of–the–line family, Gerlach Sans was named after the highest peak in Slovakia.

Its functional design is enhanced by a few subtle ingredients, adding life and giving words a more playful voice.

The family has eight weights ranging from delicate hairline to the super thick black. Each of them includes a genuine italic companion with variant shapes.

The large character set accessible through OpenType features provides the designer with a wealth of opportunities and supports a wide range of Latin-based languages. It is stuffed up with tabular and proportional figures, old-style and lining figures, fractions, superscripts and subscripts, ordinals, case-sensitive forms, circled numbers, arrows, icons and many more.

Combining legibility and usability of its grotesque style with cool elegance, Gerlach Sans provides a strong partner for your print and web project.

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